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The Most Important Election

The most important election the world has ever known is
underway...and every single vote counts!
It’s apparent to any believing individual that the world is presently on the cusp of Redemption.  As Jews, however, it is imperative at this pivotal moment that we comprehend our critical role in the actual reestablishment of the kingship of the House of David through the ascension of Moshiach.  
Moshiach is selected by G-d...yet he must also be elected by the Jewish people.
The historical precedent for the establishment of King David’s reign over all of Israel shows a process whereby he was first anointed by G-d through the prophet Shmuel, yet he did not rule until he was first accepted by his own tribe of Yehuda.  It took a few more years of gaining renown as well as active campaigning on the part of Avner until the elders came before David on behalf of all Israel humbly beseeching him to be their king, as recorded by the Navi Shmuel:  
“And all the tribes of Israel came to David to Hebron, and spoke, saying: "Here we are. We are your bone and your flesh.  Also, in times past, when Saul was king over us, it was you who led Israel out and brought them in, and the Lord said to you, you shall shepherd my nation Israel, and you shall be a ruler over Israel.” (Shmuel II 5:1-2)

The Rambam sets out clearly the criteria for a Jewish leader to be considered b’chezkas Moshiach, the presumed Moshiach.  After careful study of these laws (please see the helpful guide on Rambam’s Laws of Kings in the resource section), we will be able to discern with clarity and with confidence the Davidic leader who is the presumed Moshiach.  After we identify him, the next step is conducting an “electoral campaign” of education and action with the goal of establishing a broad base of support for our candidate, until we succeed in strengthening submission to his righteous leadership worldwide.  


Although Moshiach will be extremely powerful, G-d’s ultimate plan for Redemption is not that a dictator descends from Above and forces everyone to submit to his will.  No!  Moshiach is a wise and loving elected king, who draws his strength to rule from our unwavering support for and trust in him.  


Ayn melech b’lo am - there is no king without a people.  The Torah’s concept of true kingship implies many layers of the people’s submission to their king.  On the most rudimentary level, Davidic kingship implies an acknowledgment of and a basic submission to his leadership.  But it doesn’t end there.  The ideal relationship between the Jewish king and his people is one of mutual give and take, of deep love and devotion to one another, a desire to grow in one’s service and connection to the king, and a yearning to be in our beloved king’s presence.  The relationship is deep, dynamic, and reciprocal.  


Moshiach: anointed by G-d, appointed by man. 


Please read on to find out how you can lend your support to this critical campaign to Elect Moshiach Now! 

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