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Electing Moshiach


How what when why…??


With so much uncertainty across the globe, many ask, “what does Hashem want of us??”


One thing is clear: Until Moshiach is fully revealed, Hashem clearly wants our input in a STRONG WAY.


Can it be that Hashem and Moshiach are literally “ waiting for the vote of Am Yisroel “??and if so, how do we “go to the polls” and ‘make our vote count’??



“Moshiach has already fulfilled the criterion established by Maimonides of successfully fighting G-d's wars. All missions have been accomplished. The only thing left is to accept Moshiach in actuality. This will enable him to fulfill his mission and take us out of exile.

Everyone must infuse all he does with acceptance of Moshiach…

(Chayei Sara Nun bais)


The mitzvah to appoint a king is intrinsically motivated and not something imposed upon us; it is an effort and acceptance of the nation that makes the king the king. 


To help us have a better understanding of Kabolas HaMalchus, and incorporate this in our encounters with others in an ‘ofen hamiskabel’, the Women’s global Welcome Moshiach committee held a captivating informative and open panel with three world renowned scholars, Rabbis Heschel Greenberg, Director of The Jewish Discovery Center of Buffalo, NY; author of many books on Torah, Talmud, and Jewish Law,  Rabbi Reuven Wolf, Director of the Maayon Yisroel Center in Los Angeles, CA, Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, Dean of the Rabbinical Yeshiva of Cincinnati, and MC Rabbi Mendy Turen, Director of Chabad of Springfield, for round two of “WHO IS MOSHIACH”,  exploring Torah sources and the history of this unique Mivtza, the Rebbe’s sichos on the subject, and ways to get the necessary message out to the world at large.


Some questions which were addressed:


Is ‘Kabolas HaMalchus’ an “innovation” of the Rebbe or traditional Judaism?

Is this an avoda for a ‘fringe group’ initiated by chassidic extremists, or was it accepted lovingly by the Rebbe time and again?

Is it just about signing a document and moving on?

Why share it with the world at large?

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